All items are produced by me, from material sustainably harvested from local woodlands.

Hazel hurdles

Ideal as a windbreak or screen in the garden.

Delivery and installation possible by arrangement.

2 ft height by 6 ft width £40

3 ft height by 6 ft width £50

4 ft height by 6 ft width £70

5 ft height by 6 ft width £80

6 ft height by 6 ft width £90

Sweet chestnut post and rail fencing

Naturally durable, requires no treatment.

Delivery and installation possible by arrangement.

7-9" top diameter, 6'6" length half round cleft chestnut post:
with double-width mortices for two rails £12
with double-width mortices for three rails £14

8' cleft chestnut rail £8

9'6" cleft chestnut rail £9

Round/cleft/sawn sweet chestnut stakes/poles/timber

In varying diameters and lengths, cut to order.

For example:
6 ft length approx. 3" diameter cleft stake pointed £4
6 ft length 6" diameter round £9

Contact me for prices/availability

Lumpwood barbecue charcoal

High-quality barbecue charcoal produced from seasoned hardwood.

Standard bag (weighing approx.3 kg) when packed) £7

Can deliver bulk/wholesale orders throughout Surrey.

As well as directly from me, charcoal is currently for sale locally at:

Elm nursery,Sutton Green Road, Sutton Green, Guildford

Also available: horticultural charcoal fines. Can be used as a soil conditioner and an additive to compost/mulch.

£5 per 5 kg bag, contact for details.

Hazel beanpoles and pea-sticks

Hazel beanpoles, 1" diameter, 8ft length, bundle of 10 £12

Hazel pea-sticks, approx. 4-5ft height, bundle of 20 £12

Garden stakes (approx. 1.5 - 2" diameter, 6 ft + length) £12 per bundle of 10

Larger hazel poles are also available as are hazel rods and hedgelaying stakes and binders. Contact for details.

River faggots

Used for river bank revetment.

Hazel and sweet chestnut, large quantities produced, contact for details.

Seasoned hardwood logs

Species such as ash, oak, beech, birch, hazel, hawthorn, and hornbeam. Mostly sourced from my own woodland work in previous winters. Cost-£240 per full load (approx.2 cubic metres loose filled).

Logs are delivered in 0.25 cubic metre vented barrow bags or loose in my trailer. 

Free delivery within 15 mile radius of Guildford. Price is for wheeled somewhere easily accessible by sackbarrow or wheelbarrow(no steps or difficult terrain) and tipped out, there would be an additional charge for stacking. 

For those with suitable timber (left over from tree surgery, fallen trees, etc.) I can come out and saw and split timber in situ with hydraulic log splitter and chain saw, subject to availability. This is best done over the summer months to allow logs plenty of time to dry under cover, contact me for details.

Bulk bags of sawdust and/or bark shavings (produced as a byproduct of firewood production) can be available by request.


Extra large net of kindling £6

2 nets £11

3 nets £15

4 nets £19

5 nets £22

6 nets £25

Sawn timber

Small quantities of sawn timber (oak, sweet chestnut) can sometimes be available. Contact me for details.

Oak&sweet chestnut benches can be made to order. I can install benches in-situ or make stand-alone benches. Contact for details&prices.

Latest details of benches&timber available can be found on my facebook page.